1315-27 7th Avenue, san Francisco

construction update



Here you can see the basement slab in place. The shoring along the south property line supports the church next door until the concrete retaining walls are in place.

One of the original cottages to be saved can be seen on stilts to the right.

This view of the north property line shows the underpinning below the existing building next door.

The other original cottage can be seen to the left.

Like many of their contemporaries. the main floors of the two cottages at the rear of the property were originally about six feet above ground level, with the ground floor used for storage.

Here, you can see the cottages have been supported in their original posiitons. and the soil dug away to accommodate a basement parking level. The badly deteriorated ground floor structure has been removed from both cottages and will be replaced with new living spaces. The new plaza level over the garage will be a little less than half-way up the stilts.

This view gives you an idea of how high the cottages are above the basement level.




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